A little about us

The mission at Bouxbox is to empower all of our ladies to live their best life. Providing you with an unrivaled monthly subscription, we work diligently to source comforting delights to encourage self-care, personal development and a life lead with intention no matter the weather.    

Bouxbox was born and built around the Magical Kitchen Analogy from international best seller ‘Mastery of love’. Forever striving to be the perfect Mum, daughter, partner, sister and friend as we juggle all the usual stresses of modern day life, we somehow underestimate the value of giving ourselves that much needed spot of love and tlc. In our over-run schedules it can seem like time poorly spent and usually features at the bottom of our list of priorities. Life takes its toll though, and stress doesn’t unfortunately fuel our mind and spirits, and so burn out is inevitable.    

As the saying goes, ‘’you cannot serve from an empty vessel’’, and so when we truly understand and apply this, the power of transformation can be life-changing. After suffering with PTSD, Founder Puja, decided to build a brand focused on just that, formulating a box of wellness and growth to get you in your happy space too.   

We love subscription boxes, but what do you do, when you’re not just a skincare or reading enthusiast? We recognize that us women are fortunately pretty well rounded super humans, and balance is key! Expect your Bouxbox to feature inspirational books, quality skincare, organic candles, yummy teas, premium chocolates and cosmetics, we believe every product can lead to an experience and become a positive daily ritual. We’ve also taken the time to include a package of positivity, including psychologist proven principles for happiness.    

We cannot wait for you to join and enjoy your token of love. xo